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At Inner West Speech Pathology we have experience assisting children of all ages to develop their speech, language, literacy and feeding skills.

Speech Sound Disorders

We use PROMPT Therapy to help children with delayed speech development, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, hearing impairments and cerebral palsy. Our goal is to build your child’s speaking clarity and social confidence.

Language Disorders

We provide in-depth clinical assessment to pinpoint your child’s language strengths and needs. We then use this knowledge to build an individualized language program to help your child better participate at kinder, school and at home.

Reading and Spelling Disorders

We are passionate about building your child’s confidence and competence at spelling and reading. We use the Spalding Approach to provide them with vital decoding, comprehension and fluency skills.

Feeding Difficulties

Feeding is one of the most complex activities children have to learn. At Inner West Speech Pathology we use the SOS Approach to Feeding to identify your child’s physiological and sensory feeding profile.

Stuttering Treatment

Stuttering can be anxiety producing for young children and their families. We use the evidence-based Lidcombe Program to reduce your child’s stutter in a naturalistic and positive manner.

Autism and Social Communication

Social Communication is a vital life skill, which can be tricky for some kids. We believe strongly in a holistic approach, by working directly with the child, providing family strategies and including kinder and school to help generalize social skills.


Hi! My name is Rebecca and I have a passion for all things speech pathology. Over the next few months I will be updating my blog with ideas to help with your child's language and literacy development. Stay posted!

What is Object Permanence?

What is object permanence? The term ‘object permanence’ is used to describe a child’s ability to know that an object exist, even though it can no longer be seen or heard. Object permanence typically develops Read more...

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